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Turkmen Carpet Day

Turkmen Carpet Day Turkmen Carpet Day is celebrated in Turkmenistan on the last Sunday of May. The state holiday was founded in 1992.Carpets are invariably part of the culture of the Turkmen people. Thus, they symbolized the power and prosperity of the family. The special technology and ornament distinguish Turkmen

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Turkmen Racing Horse Festival

Turkmen Racing Horse Festival Turkmenistan’s national holiday is Turkmen Horse Day, which is celebrated annually on the last Sunday of April. It is dedicated to the Akhalteke breed of horses from Turkmenistan, which is depicted on the official coat of arms of the country. The Akhalteke horse breed is recognized

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International day of Nowruz

International day of Nowruz Nowruz is an ancient New Year, which was celebrated by ancient Zoroastrians, as well as many Aryans and Turks. The name means “New Day” and is the first day of spring. It is actually celebrated on March 21, which is the official start of spring in

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