Independence Square

Independence Square

The main tourist sight of the capital of Turkmenistan is National Park of Independence with the symbol of modern Ashgabat established on it – the Monument of Independence, the highest construction in the country

The basis of this snow-white monument is the hemisphere serving as symbolical image of a traditional Turkmen yurta. Rivers-fountains flow down all eight “feet” of a dome-yurta and partially on its surface. The column directed upwards is decorated by five-headed eagles and comes to an end with the gilt spike topped with a semi moon with five stars – symbol of unification of five largest Turkmen tribes. The general height of the monument is 118 meters, and this number is not casual: it is derivative of the sum of two numbers – 27+91, designating the Day of Declaration of Independence, which is celebrated since October, 27th 1991.

Five main entrances, protected by horrendous statues with gilt spears and sabers, allow getting inside the Monument with the museum of National Values, which amazes with luxury of furniture. You can find here a wonderful collection of samples with jewel art, cold, firearms and numismatics.

Round a monument, there are majestic statues of outstanding persons in the history of Turkmenistan, also decorated with gold. The parade avenue of park with a gilt figure of the President surrounded by five-headed eagles-fountains finishes this majestic composition. In the evening the Independence Park is filled in by light of numerous lanterns, fixtures, projectors and all this white-gold magnificence for a long time leaves traces in a soul of even most tempted traveler.

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