Inspiration Park

Inspiration Park

Most of the sculptures in Ashgabat are located on the Alley of Inspiration – “Ylham”, which opened in 2010. There are over forty of them, dedicated to outstanding Turkmen poets and thinkers, scholars of antiquity and modernity were erected along the park tracks. Among them are Abu Bakr Al-Sula, Myane Baba, Mahmud Zamakhshary, Al Farabi, Mahmyt Kashgarly, Abu Ali ibn Sina, Biruni, Al Sarahs, Shah Jahan. Original compositions also depict Musa Khwarizmi, Shamsetdin Merveri, Mahmoud Palvan and Nedzhmetdin Kubra and Kazi Burhanetdin Ahmet.


In the second part of the park, there are sculptures of famous poets of the XI-XIX centuries. Among them are Khoja Ahmed Yasawi, Yunus Emre, Azadi, Zelili and Seid, Kemin, Yusuf Balasagun, Nesimi and Fizuli, Navoi and Omar Khayyam, Andalib, Mollanepes and Myatadzhi, Abdurahmanhan and Bayramhan.

In the alley dedicated to famous persons of the modern history of Turkmenistan there are busts of Berdy Kerbabaev, Aman Kekilov, Becky Seytakov, Kara Seytliev, Kerim Kurbannepesov, Ata Koushutov, Nurmurad Saryhanov, Kurbannazar Ezizov and others.

The alley stretches in the historical center of the capital between Makhtumkuli Avenue and Georogly Street, besides the statues it is decorated with original fountains and bridges.

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