Dashoguz-Farap Tour

Dashoguz-Farap Tour

Turkmenistan part of Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan combined tour
Tour itinerary:
Meeting in the morning at Dashoguz or Konurgench border, drive to old city of Konurgench, visit mausoleums and buildings from 11th to 16th century. After lunch, drive to Darvaza (250km). Set up tents or rent a yurtah near the Gas Crater, enjoy fire cooked dinner, overnight in tent or yurtah.
Sightseeing in Ashgabat after breakfast: Old Nisa, Turkmenbashi mosque. After lunch visit Altyn Asyr bazaar (if bazaar open that day), and drive to Darvaza. On the way to Darvaza visit village life of Karakum Desert at Yerbent. Set up tents near the Gas Crater (or rent a yurtah), enjoy fire cooked meal, overnight in tents/yurtah.
Full day sightseeing in Ashgabat: Old Nisa, Turkmenbashi mosque, Carpet museum, Lenin park, Artogrul Gazi mosque, Inspiration park, Memorial complex, Ahal-Teke horses, Russian Bazaar. Overnight at hotel.

Transfer to Ashgabat airport in the morning for Ashgabat-Mary flight. Meeting with driver at Mary airport, drive to Ancient Merv. Visit Old mausoleums and buildings in Merv. Drive to Farap border for passing to Uzbekistan. End of the tour.

Destinations tour includes:

  • Darvaza Gas Crater view
    – Burning Gas Crater over 40 years
    – 250 km from Ashgabat city
    – Duration: 1 day
  • Ancient Merv (UNESCO) view
    – Oldest and best preserved oasis-city along the Silk Road
    – 35 km from Mary city
    – Duration: 2 hours
  • Konurgench (UNESCO) view
    – Old town with monuments from 11th to 16th centuries
    – 120 km from Dashoguz
    – Duration: 2 hours
  • Old Nisa (UNESCO) view
    – One of the earliest Fortress of Parthian Empire
    – Locates in Ashgabat
    – Duration: 40 minutes
  • Ahal-Teke Horses view
    – Oldest and most beautiful horse breed in the world
    – Locates in Ashgabat
    – Duration of visit: 1 hour
  • Independence square view
    – Monuments of Independence and historical figures
    – Southern Ashgabat
    – Duration of visit: 1 hour
  • Neutrality Monument view
    – Three legged architectural monument with beautiful city view
    – Southern Ashgabat
    – Duration: half an hour
  • Alem Ferris Wheel view
    – Entertainment Center with the biggest indoor ferris wheel in the world
    – Southern Ashgabat
    – Duration: half hour
  • National Museum view – Main museum of Turkmenistan history and culture – Southern Ashgabat – Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Turkmenbashi Mosque view – The biggest mosque in Central Asia, mausoleum of S.Niyazov – Western Ashgabat – Duration: half an hour
  • Memorial Complex view – Commemoration monuments and museum – Western Ashgabat – Duration: 2 hours
  • Artogrul Gazi Mosque view – Mosque with historical architecture and decoration – Central Ashgabat – Duration: 20 minutes
  • Carpet Museum view – Museum of hand-knotted Turkmen national carpets – Central Ashgabat – Duration of visit: 1 hour
  • Lenin Park view – One of the oldest parks in Ashgabat city with statue of Lenin – Central Ashgabat – Duration: half an hour
  • Inspiration Park view – One of the Central parks with statues of historical figures – Central Ashgabat – Duration of visit: 1 hour
  • Russian Bazaar view – One of the oldest covered markets in Turkmenistan – Centrat Ashgabat – Duration: 1 day
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