Alabay Dogs

Alabay Dogs

Turkmens are experiencing a deep emotional attachment to their pets, including Alabay, which is as old as our nation. These brave dogs can be quite formidable in appearance, but anyone familiar with this breed is well aware that the outer shell conceals a very sensitive heart, which can appreciate a good treatment. This large dog is good to children, allowing them any mischief when playing with it, and therefore it becomes a real member of the family.

The book of one professional breeder describes the episode, when he sent his little daughter for a walk with his Alabay. After a while he heard the mournful howl of his huge dog.

Who could make the mighty Alabay to howl so plaintively? – The breeder thought, when he looked out the window and was surprised to see that his tiny daughter, imitating a dog, got up on all fours and bit enormous Alabay on its lower lip.

It is easy to imagine what would be the rage shown by other dogs towards those who causes them severe pain. But formidable Alabay, knowing full well that the little child is a family member, allowed himself only to whine quietly, delicately appealing to the owner’s help.

Alabay is a clever dog. It vigilantly guards the boundaries of its territory, not allowing anyone to freely penetrate them. But if the Alabay ever sees its owner in a conversation with someone else, it immediately memorizes this person. And the next time the dog greets the person not with a formidable growl but with ringing bark, as if informing the master that his friend has returned.

For this, the Alabay dog is loved and appreciated as a very true friend. Implacable to enemies, unmatched as a watchdog, which is well known to Turkmen Shepherds, Alabay is proud to protect the owner and everything that surrounds him – home, family, friends and, most importantly, children.

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